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ABC Farm Playset

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ABC Farm Playset
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The ABC Farm Playset is the innovative bilingual playset: an interactive and electronic play mat to help children classify shapes and recognise animals.

The plastic toy set in the shape of an electronic farm helps children to insert the animals to play, to allow them to learn the main curiosities.

Equipped with interactive areas to press to discover the places of the farm, the Chicco Playset is composed of 6 animal characters with a shaped base (triangle, square and circle): Teddy the farmer, cow, hen, horse, bunny and duck.

Includes over 900 words, phrases and songs to teach little ones about the farm areas in two languages. Through two game modes it helps them to:

  • Discover the farm animals, their sounds and colors and the habitat in which they live. 
  • Recognize and match the animal to the place where it lives and help Teddy find what he is looking for. 
  • Inventing new stories.

By placing the animals in their place on the play mat, children are invited to create new stories, letting their imagination run wild.

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