Baby Research Center

Our aim is to observe, get to know and understand the child to develop the best solutions for their well-being.

Chicco's Baby Research Center is dedicated to carrying out research relating to babies and young children, including their mental, physical, emotional and social needs.

Discovering, getting to know and understanding what makes them sleep well, eat well and play well; this is the mission of the experts at the Baby Research Center.
Ongoing consultations with experts from the world of medicine and scientific research, along with associations and institutions active in matters relating to childhood; are fundamental in ubnderstanding the latest findings in the pediatric and education fields and in identifying scientifically proven solutions for the well-being of babies and young children.

The Baby Research Center's work is further strengthened by its special collaboration with parents, who are the most astute observers of their children’s needs and are thus an ever-flowing fount of knowledge and precious suggestions.
Knowledge, scientific expertise, experience and a responsible approach, these are our values and this is what Chicco's Baby Research Center is about!

educationhead.jpg Knowledge- constant observation of children and their world.

pile-of-papers-in-an-office-0515-1007-3003-0810-smu.jpg Scientific expertise- Collaboration with mother and child specialists, pediatricians, obstetricians, educators and a host of other professionals.

hj.pngExperience- Constant dialogue with mums and dads, in order to share experiences and emotions. Sense of responsibility. Utmost commitment to ensuring the well-being of babies, young children and their families.