Natural Feeling Glass Bottle - 0m+ 250ml

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Ideal for babies who grow up and want a greater quantity of milk, the Baby Bottle NaturalFeeling 250ml is the right solution for breastfeeding, immediately accepted by 96% of newborns. The NaturalFeeling 250ml Glass Bottle 0m + is equipped with a large, ergonomic bottle that is easy to clean and sterilize, ensuring maximum hygiene for the baby. The unique characteristics of the glass remain unchanged over time, resisting high temperatures and making the Chicco NaturalFeeling 250ml Baby Bottle an ideal product for mothers and children. The exclusive tilted teat in soft silicone "mum effect" allows a natural attack, facilitating the alternation of baby bottles.

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The full range of NaturalFeeling will help to make the transition to bottle feeding easier!

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