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Easy Meal Steamer Blender

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Easy Meal Steamer Blender
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The Chicco Easy Meal Steamer Blender is the easiest and fastest solution to turn all your ingredients into healthy and delicious meals for your baby to enjoy! This versatile kitchen appliance is suitable for chopping, steam cooking, mixing and warming healthy baby food. The practical steam cooker by Chicco is the best choice for easing your little one's transition from pureed food to solid food. 

  • Excellent consistency thanks to the stainless steel blades and baffles. Multi portion:550ml cooking basket and 1000ml bowl
  • A Unique and innovative slicer to easily cut both ingredients and cook in time, without making any mess and also without using cutting boards, knives or other bowls.
  • A unique biting basket to easily switch from steam cooking to puree with just one hand, without losing any time, making any mess and without burning. No need to touch the hot ingredients to pour them into the bowl, on the blades. 

Food Preparation:

With the innovative Cut Express you can cut your ingredients super thin directly into the basket and becuase everything is cut thin the Chicco Steamer Blender delivers a fast cook time! Once cooked you and turn and blend in a flash with with exclusive Switch System. Allowing you to control the cook time, and easily pour onto the blades to blend in a flash.

Fast Steaming:

The shape of the basket ensures an even and effective distribution of the steam guaranteeing quick and optimal cooking, preserving the nutrients and flavour of the food.

Turbo Blending:

Stainless steel blades and vortex barriers allow for optimal consistency.

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