Microwave Steam Steriliser

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Sterilisation is important for the care and health of your little one. In the first year of life their immune defences are still reduced. Anything that comes into contact with baby's mouth must be sterilised daily to avoid intestinal or oral disorders.
Items in the steriliser will remain sterile and safe to use as long as the sterile seal is unbroken. The sanitising power of steam will effectively kill 99.9% of household germs without the use of harsh chemicals or the risk of damage during boiling. Steam sterilisation leaves no residual odour or flavour on the items sterilised and these items require no rinsing or drying before use.
Due to the microwave sterilisers small size it's suitable for most microwave ovens.
Product dimensions- 11.8 x 10 x 7.2 inches
The full range of sterilisers will help to keep your baby products safe for as long as you choose to sterilise. Here at Chicco we're passionate about evolving through research, we strive to create the perfect products for you and your baby or toddler. Please read about our Chicco Observatory to see how invested we are in your future.