Natural Feeling Newborn Starter Set (Small)

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Everything you need for breastfeeding in one convenient and safe package.

NaturalFeeling is the product line designed by Chicco to accompany your baby's growth and encourage a natural suction, like a mother's breast.

The Chicco Natural Feeling Baby Set contains:

  • Two Natural Feeling baby bottles (one of 150ml and one of 250ml) for a breastfeeding as natural as possible.
  • A Physio Soft 0m + soother to guarantee maximum comfort during suction.
  • A practical brush suitable for an effective bottle cleaning.

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The full range of NaturalFeeling will help to make the transition to bottle feeding easier!

Here at Chicco we're passionate about evolving through research, we strive to create the perfect products for you and your baby or toddler. 

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