Natural Feeling Silicone Teat - 6m+ Food Flow 2pk


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NaturalFeeling Food Flow Teat is recommended from 6 months, when solids are introduced and porridge or milk with cereals can be used. With the elongated shape, it adapts to the suction shape of older babies. It has a less bulbous base specific for lip support. The reliefs of the base mimic the mother's breast and increase the elasticity and flexibility of the teat. 

It has a double anti-colic valve: it prevents the ingestion of air, reducing the risk of colic. Made of soft silicone, for a feeling similar to the touch of the mother's breast.


The double anti-colic valve guarantees maximum protection against colic and re-flux. In addition the teat remains always full of milk, thus preventing the intake of air.
It promotes the movement of the tongue and swallowing, with the less rounded base promotes the support of the lips of larger babies.
Flexors at the base simulate the mother's breast and increase the elasticity and flexibility of the teat. 
Satin textured soft silicone, extra velvet effect for pleasant feeding. 
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The full range of NaturalFeeling will help to make the transition to bottle feeding easier! Here at Chicco we're passionate about evolving through research, we strive to create the perfect products for you and your baby or toddler. Please read about our Chicco Observatory to see how invested we are in your future.